Changing Lanes (2002)

This was a stumbled upon movie. Such an amazing cast--Toni Collette, Sam Jackson, Ben Affleck, William Hurt. How could I not know about it? Released in 2002, it was a movie without a niche. Pure drama, and the promise of any kind of happy ending is not something the marketing plan could reveal or it would undercut the tension of the movie. Instead, they tried to sell it as a revenge movie. But it's not.

The story is hard to watch. Two men get in a fender bender and spend a day getting back at each other in increasingly nasty ways. Neither was at fault in the accident, both made a mistake. Their mistakes explode in their own lives and then into each others' lives. But it's not about the car accident or what they do to each other, it's about the lives they have led that brought them to that day, when a single splintered act can create such a crisis.


Inception (2010)

I can't think of another movie that I have reflected upon, questioned and analyzed more than Inception. Part Mission: Impossible crime caper, part science-fiction, part morality play, it's a complicated and original story that frustrates and intrigues, offers stunning resolutions and no answers at all. I've hesitated even reviewing it because the hardest part is the plot summary because for this movie, the plot is everything.

Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a thief. His specialty is finding a way to put people into controlled sleep and then slipping into their dreamscape, shaping it, and extracting information undetected. His successful espionage team has attracted powerful clients and powerful enemies. Cobb is now a fugitive, banned from his homeland and children, and he will do anything to get back to them.