Waiting for Guffman (1996)

Corky St. Clair: I had been living in New York and working there as an actor and a director and choreographer for twenty-five years or so and I really felt as though I needed a change. I imagined in my fantasy I suppose, that when I came here, I would have a completely different life. Perhaps a construction worker. Or one of those guys that works on those high wire things, with a hard hat, one of those sweeping sorts of hats. [Gesture with hands indicating brim the size of a Disney Princess's hairdo.] With the chaps...

The true gift of Waiting for Guffman is the dynamite combination of deadpan lines and deadpan delivery. As gifted comic actor David Hyde Pierce put it, people laugh harder when the person telling the joke doesn't laugh at all. Christopher Guest seems to understand this comic truth. He is a co-writer of This is Spinal Tap and a driving creative force of several more mockumentaries like A Mighty Wind