Me & Movies

I like movies. I like films. I like TV movies. I like TV epics. And I'm opinionated. Throw in that my money and time are both scarce, I can't help but finish watching some visual feast and ask myself "was that worth it?"

Over the last few years I've posted mini-reviews of movies on Facebook, like lots of people. I really hate that 420-character limit. Don't start me on Tweeter. See above about opinionated. I find it impossible to be opinionated and brief.

By the way, I have lots of biases. I don't like art that screams "I'm too evolved for your mere mortal mind." I can't get through Fellini. Don't do many dead teenager movies and I don't believe in sacred cows. I've watched some Ingmar Bergman and while I agree his work is brilliant, it's not my cup of tea. I've watched Jackie Brown a gazillion times and I'll stop everything I'm doing to watch the lift-off scene in Apollo 13. Like many of my generation, I've been deeply warped by Mystery Science Theater 3000. I make my living as a writer, and that means in a lot of movies, I'm focused on the craft of the writer, the narrative structure of the plot and the character-building.

What I'm not is a film fanatic. I don't want to become an expert in different genres, understand how the lighting works, follow all the background of who might have had a part and who got replaced halfway and any of the other factoids behind film. Some of them I know, but I'm really more interested in the final product on the screen.  

I hold Roger Ebert in great esteem though I have no wish to emulate him or know anywhere near as much about movies as he does. Roger is that rare critic that understands context, i.e. that entertainment comes in all forms, and each form has its own scale. Which means that The King's Speech and The Green Slime are both 5-star movies.