Popped Opinions

My purpose with Popcorn is Extra is to record and share my opinion about movies with the basic cost-benefit analysis: How much money and time is this movie worth?

Each movie has a full review, then a short assessment of what I think it's worth in terms of my wallet, and then how much time I'd give it. Between the two I hope some meaning emerges; money and time spend at different rates and for different needs.

As for spoilers, you're reading a movie review blog. If you don't want to read spoilers, maybe you shouldn't be reading reviews about something you haven't seen yet.

Full Review
Not much more to say, I just comment on what I thought and I try to do so before 24 hours passes, otherwise I forget stuff. Just a note: I'm imperfect and flawed and not going to change.

I'll also give a one-line summary if I can think of something pithy. I might add and date further commentary after the original post.

What's It Worth?
This is my advice on what I think a person gets in entertainment value from the movie. Personally, I usually go to the theater on a discount ticket and when I buy DVDs I shop for bargains.
  • Big Screen: Worth the big screen and probably the DVD down the line.
  • Collect It: Add the DVD to your library. Blu-Ray, whatever. I still call music "albums."
  • Get it Cheap: Buy it dirt cheap or rent it.
  • Don't Pay Extra: Wait for it to be on cable you're already paying for, put it in your mail-order queue, or request it at the library. In other words, don't spend money on it, but it's still worth the time and that means it's not worthless.*
  • Nothing: Even free it's not worth it.

Watch it Again?
I'm a writer and I watch a lot of movies while I'm working. Most of the time it's movies I've seen before and love to have running for one reason or another, and especially if the score is good. Second half of Return of the King, I mean, I always look up at "I am no man" then go back about my business, and I'll listen to Annie Lennox on the end credits over and over. Some movies I'll look for and re-watch. Others...not so much.
  • ridiculously lots: Have the DVD and it's next to the player all the time, or if it's on cable, I'm picking it, probably even if there's only 5 minutes left. Check out my list of movies that fit this criteria on the Million Time Movies tab.
  • sure: I'd happily spend time with this movie again.
  • probably: If it's free and a Million Times Movie isn't on, I might.
  • not so much: I'd have to be desperate, or I'd only watch a particular part. 
  • never: Won't watch it again, and I'll probably speak ill of it.

Genre Labels
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Google picks the ads, not me. I have no vested interest if anyone clicks on anything. I'm actually just kind of curious how "monetizing" works even though I don't think that's really a verb. But if clicks means Google sends me a check now and again, I'll take it.

I am not in any way compensated for my reviews. I watch movies through cable I pay for or from the library or rental services.

*About "Watching for Free"
When I say free, I mean free and LEGAL. I make my living off people being willing to pay for entertainment. I discourage all forms of piracy. You can get it free at the library, rent it for a buck, buy it used for pennies on the dollar, or for less than a couple of pizzas each month, you can see just about any movie you want and as many movies as you want, legally.